Experts on Future of Hydrogen Power: MPEI Rector at International Conference in Tokyo


9 September 2021, MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev gave a report at the 3rd International Conference RD20 in Japan. The work of the event was dedicated to international cooperation in the field of the development of clean and renewable energy.

RD20 was held online in the format of two sessions, a technical expert session and a session of leaders in the framework of Tokyo Week that embraced 6 leading international conferences organized by Japan. The session of leaders on 8 October will be aimed at obtaining the consensus on a high level in global cooperation within the goal of creating the low-carbon society.
The RD20 Expert session was carried out online and considered the issues of a sectoral approach to decarbonization, the social acceptance of the hydrogen technologies and the next generation energy management.

Nikolay Rogalev represented the Russian expert opinion on international cooperation development in the field of hydrogen and low-carbon power.

The Conference gathered representatives of the leading Research Institutes of the countries-members of G20, more than 20 universities and enterprises delegated by the leaders of the power branches in different countries - Argentina, Canada, France, China, the USA, Italy etc. The Russia’s ambassador to the Conference was MPEI.


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