MPEI at international conference and symposium on heat pipes


National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” along with the LLC Science and Production Enterprise Heat Systems and Aggregates was an organizer of carrying out the Joint 20th International Heat Pipes Conference and 14th International Heat Pipes Symposium that took place in Gelendzhik in September, 2021.

This Conference has a long history starting from 1973, rich traditions and a worldwide scope of members, uniting scientists, specialists, manufacturers in the field of heat pipes, two-phase systems and devices for cooling, temperature and thermal stabilization control, touching the domains of rocket space technologies, aviation, nuclear and thermal power, electronics and computer engineering and etc.

The exposition rallied more than 150 participants from 17 countries that presented 95 reports and schemes, as well as production examples.

Russia is a leader in the sphere of different heat pipes production. The largest organizations that produce or use heat pipes and two-phase systems were gathered as sponsors and members of the conference. The general sponsor was the State Corporation for Space Activities Roscosmos, and other sponsors were: LLC Science and Production Enterprise Heat Systems and Aggregates, JSC Science and Production Enterprise Technology named Alexander Romashin, JSC SPA named Lavochkin, LLC Optical Glass Center.
Members of 20th IHPC & 14th IHPS

The 20th conference was supposed to take place in September 2020, but the situation with the pandemic denied the plans. In his welcoming speech, MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, noted that, despite the difficulties that arose and the double efforts in preparation, the conference was organized in a hybrid format - face-to-face and online - for the first time in its history.

The Russian participants in the conference were made proud by the International Committee decision to award the George Grover Medal in the category "Award of an outstanding scientist for significant and constant contribution to this field" to the co-chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, chief designer of the SPE "HS&A" Konstantin Goncharov, who has devoted more than 30 years to this domain.

The Heat Pipe Conference Committee established the George Grover Medal in two categories: the Young Scientist Award and the Distinguished Scientist Award for their outstanding contributions to heat pipe science and technology. The medal is named after professor George Grover, whose first publication in 1963 on heat pipes laid the foundation for all research and development in the field of heat pipes. The award was presented first at the 14th IHPC in Florianópolis, Brazil and this year - to the outstanding Russian scientist.

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