MPEI expands cooperation with Kyrgyzstan


11 October, 2021, Zhyldyz Bakashova, Deputy Chairman of the Minister Board of Kyrgyz Republic, met the representatives of Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities. The Russian part of the delegation was headed by Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI Rector.
The Deputy Chairman of the Board reminded that MPEI had been the basic University for the Power Engineering faculty of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute for the scientific personnel training during the Soviet period, and underlined that the decision to create the Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities was a correct and well-timed one.
«Since its foundation, RKCTU has been fruitfully realizing mutual programs and showing good results in education in their field. It gives joy to see that nowadays Kyrgyz students continue to get demanded specialties in Russian Universities. The Consortium’s efforts have given an opportunity of receiving Russian education to the vast amount of Kyrgyz and contributed to the development of Russian and Kyrgyz economies and strengthening of the friendship ties»,— said Zhyldyz Bakashova.
Apart from that, the sides decided to broaden the framework of preparing specialists by including doctorate studies and retraining.

The Russian-Kyrgyz consortium of technical universities was created in 2013 within the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the two countries and is a voluntary association of Russian and Kyrgyz universities. The Consortium embraces 36 Russian and 17 Kyrgyz universities.

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