MPEI at the BRICS Network University


April 20-21, 2022 MPEI took part in the annual conference BRICS Network University (BRICS NU) in China (online).

From the first day of its foundation, the BRICS Network University has been actively developing cooperation and mutual exchanges between the universities of the BRICS countries in order to achieve success in the development of talents, joint scientific projects and cultural exchanges. The activities of the BRICS NU are focused on six priority areas, which include energy, informatics and information security, BRICS sciences, ecology and climate change, water resources and emissions control, and economics.

In 2022, the conference was organized by Chinese universities, members of the BRICS NU. The general topic of the conference was "Developing partnerships between the best universities for the sustainable development of the BRICS countries."

MPEI coordinates the international thematic group on energy. Within the framework of the meeting of the section on energy, Mashkova A.M., Director of the Directorate for the Development of Integration Policy presented the report “Hydrogen related technologies for Energy transition". At the second meeting of the section Zhelbakov I.N., BRICS NU coordinator at MPEI, the director of the Center for International Programs invited the members of the international energy thematic group to focus on the scientific cooperation development in open areas of mutual interest, and to maintain contact, take advantage of the opportunities for academic exchanges of Phd students conducting research in these areas.

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