Meeting with MPEI foreign students


April 21, 2022, the External Relations Department held a meeting with MPEI foreign students.

The meeting was attended by more than 100 students - members of MPEI Intercouncil and students from 57 countries.

The meeting was attended by Tarasov A.E., Vice-Rector for International Relations, Shepilov A.Y., Head of the Department of Student Hostels (Lefortovo Campus), Kruglova N.I. an employee of the Dean’s Office for Work with Foreign Students, Lyashenko L.I., Vice-Rector Assistant, members of the MPEI Intercouncil.

As part of the meeting, Ankin A.V., Dean for work with foreign students informed the students about the observance of the academic discipline for the second stage of the spring semester, the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process, the intermediate results on the elimination of academic debts. The procedure for passing a medical examination and mandatory fingerprinting was explained again, and the obligation to comply with this part of the legislation of the Russian Federation was emphasized.

The need to comply with measures to prevent the spread of the COVID -19 virus, required by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, was announced .

Shepilov A.Y. re-explained the basic provisions of campus accommodation rules and fire safety rules.

In addition, at the meeting, representatives of the administration of MPEI re-covered the following issues:

- aspects of preventing the ideology spread of extremism and terrorism, inciting ethnic hatred among the youth;

- brought measures to prevent illegal trafficking of prohibited substances.

As a preventive measure aimed at preventing the spread of prohibited substances, students were repeatedly informed about the ways to involve young people in the illegal circulation of such substances and criminal liability for committing illegal actions.

As a result of the meeting, benchmarks for improving academic performance were outlined, dates for the next meetings were determined.

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