MPEI is enhancing its cooperation with People’s Republic of China



An online meeting between the representatives of MPEI and the Tangshan University took place on June 10, 2022.

On the part of MPEI, the Director of Integration Policy Development Anastasia Mashkova and the Head of International Programs Sultan Makoev attended the meeting. On the part of China, it was participated by the rector of the Tangshan Institute Yang Zhian, the curator of international programs Jiang Jianing and more than 100 students of the Tangshan University planning to study at the joint MPEI-Tangshan program.

It is worth recalling that in 2020 a joint educational bachelor program based on the MPEI achievements and experience was designed in the direction of 15.03.01 Mechanical Engineering to be implemented in China, at the Tangshan University and taught in Russian.

The program will involve Chinese applicants selected for tuition free studying based on their results of the Unified State Exam. According to the agreed curriculum, studying in China will be partly conducted by the teachers of MPEI.

Some of the students at the end of the second academic year will be able to come to MPEI to complete their education and receive two degrees. The rest will continue their studies in China and receive a degree at the Tangshan University.

During the meeting, the students were introduced to the history of MPEI, learned about the domain of studies at the Institute, got acquainted with the teachers of the Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics, which is the main supporter of this joint program, and also asked questions, among which the most concerning were:

  • the number of academic disciplines and credit hours included in the educational program;
  • the possibility of using the Institute's library resources during education;
  • cultural leisure and free time organization;
  • internship, employment and salary level of graduates working in Russian companies;
  •  an opportunity to continue their studies for magistracy and postgraduate degrees at MPEI.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector of the Tangshan Institute thanked MPEI for the opportunity to become better acquainted with its work and looked forward to the participation of the Tangshan University students in MPEI summer language school, which is to take part already this year.


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