MPEI improved its performance in the National University Ranking


MPEI has raised several positions in the National University Ranking 2022, having improved its performance compared to 2021.

According to the results of the assessment conducted by the Interfax news agency, MPEI took the 25th position in the National University Ranking among 358 Russian universities.

The summary indicator is the arithmetic result of five parametric ratings: "Education", "Research", "Social Environment", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", "University Brand".

According to the aggregate indicator "Research", MPEI entered the top 20 Russian universities, taking the 15th position. According to the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" parameter, our university occupies the 16th position in the ranking.

The rating has been published since 2015, when MPEI was in the seventh ten of the list. Our university improves its position in the ranking every year, ameliorating the quality of education, developing partnerships with Russian and foreign organizations, and increasing its research potential.

According to the authors of the rating, the goals of the annual study "National University Ranking" are to evaluate the activities of a modern Russian university that meets the best world standards; development of a communication channel between the academic community of the country and mass audiences; search for new methods and technologies for evaluating the activities of institutions in the field of education, research and development, innovative development, and social development.


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