MPEI is the winner of competitive selection for subsidies in the framework of russian federation program "Development of Education"


18 July, 2022, the results of the competitive selection for the provision of subsidies in 2022 from the federal budget of grants to legal entities were summed up as part of the implementation of certain activities of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of Education", aimed at the full functioning and development of the Russian language.

147 applications were considered in the competitive selection. The winners were legal entities, including MPEI.

Our university submitted an application for the implementation of the project in 2022: “MPEI Digital Educational Platform for the Implementation of Open Education Courses for Foreigners” as part of Lot 1.3.2. "Development and testing of an educational online platform for the implementation of projects related to education in Russian."

Congratulations to the staff of the Department of External Relations and the Institute of Electric Power Industry which won a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation !


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