MPEI delegation visits Saint Petersburg Mining University


20 July, 2022, MPEI delegates, headed by Nikolay Rogalev, Rector, Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations and Anastasia Mashkova, Director on Integration Policy Development, visited Saint Petersburg Mining University. 


In the framework of the event, a working meeting of the Universities’ Rectors Nikolay Rogalev and Vladimir Litvinenko was held, making itself a ground to a discussion of the issues of joint educational and scientific projects, as well as MPEI participation in the “Earth Bowels” Corporation of Russian universities.


The professional social university corporation “Earth Bowels” was created in 2020. Now it unifies more than 70 Universities that are brought together by the task of specialist training for the fossil and mineral complex of Russia. The goals of the consortium are to consolidate the efforts of higher educational institutes in order to create a united educational space, to invest in the development of academic mobility and to use these mechanisms for the augmentation of the qualities of Russian universities’ graduates.

Another important aim of the Union is to accumulate the efforts in cooperation with the state structures to solve problems in the power industry and the system of the higher technical education.
But its main goal is to raise the level of adaptation of higher educational institutes to demands of the labor market and to the further integration among large industrial companies, government bodies and universities to form the integral scientific and educational model and so, to transform the national economic model from commodity to the postindustrial one.


During the visit, the MPEI delegates got acquainted with the vast infrastructure of Saint Petersburg Mining University, laboratories and scientific base of the University and visited the Mineralogy museum.

As well, they exchanged souvenirs with their partners and expressed hope for an open and long-term partnership.

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