MPEI on international colloquium "Education without borders"


One of the strategic partners of MPEI, the International School of the Vietnam National University (VNU), celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

20 July, 2022, in dedication to the jubilee, an International Academic Colloquium was carried out remotely.

The practical goal of the event was to exchange experience and results of actual studies within the broad circle of International and Vietnamese teachers, scientists and coordinators of every educational field.

Presentations were made by Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice-Rector of VNU-IS, Professor Nguyen Hoang Hai, Vice-President of Vietnam National University in Hanoi, and Professor Nguyen Dinh Dyck, Head of Education Department of VNU.

Elena Gulicheva, Head of MPEI Department of International Relations, spoke on traditions of the collaboration with Vietnamese Universities, schools and organizations.

The information on the MPEI-Vietnam cooperation can be found here.​

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