MPEI students’ practice at Sukhum HPP


For a second year in a row, MPEI students in their 3rd year of education at the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy (IHRE) have carried out their study practice in Abkhazia at the Sukhum HPP. This year a 4-week practice was given to students of the Department of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machines ​and the Department of Hydropower and Renewable Energy.

Sukhum HPP main building

In the framework of the practice students managed to observe and work with the main construction and equipment of the HPP, as well as find the material for their future graduation theses.

MPEI students and their IHRE tutor

Besides, the students were given an opportunity to see another Abkhaz HPP - Ptsirhi that is located in New Athos. It was built in 1909 and was working for more than 30 years before being shut down. However, 10 years ago it was revived and since then has been giving power to the New Athos Monastery.

New Athos Monastery

Despite the large amount of work that the students were offered to do, they still had some leisure time. The HPP staff made them acquainted with the historical and cultural legacy of Abkhazia. The trainees visited Lake Ritsa, the Gegsky waterfall, Soviet party leaders’ residence and the New Athos caves.

Lake Ritsa

Upon the end of the practice, the students reported on the event: “Sukhum-HPP is a private station, with the personal contribution of the staff to the recovery work of the station. The work group is incredibly friendly, welcoming and kind-hearted. You can always ask away any question and receive support and practical help. That was a great experience. We managed to study the HPP and as well to get relaxed in a picturesque corner.”

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