MPEI launches cooperation with Moscow State Linguistic University


2 August, 2022, MPEI and Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU) signed an agreement on collaboration in the field of education and science. The document was signed by Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI Rector and Irina Kraeva, MSLU Rector.

In the framework of the collaboration between universities, it is supposed to form and implement mutual educational programs for high-quality training in the domains of international management and computational linguistics, as well as to create courses for employees of energy enterprises working abroad.

"Our universities have a lot in common: for example, Russian as a foreign language occupies an important place in their work. We plan to settle a retraining program for MPEI teachers at MSLU and some joint development of common publication activities. We hope that our coordinated efforts will allow us to set up a network educational Master program in Computational Linguistics. Another collaboration task is to create and conduct lectures and classes for MPEI foreign students led by MSLU trainees within their study practice, as well as to establish the "Russian language for energy enterprises employees" courses to develop confident communication skills of MPEI students," - said Irina Kraeva.

Today MSLU is the main Russian methodical center of language study, providing programs in 37 foreign languages and training in numerous language and culture centers.

"Partnership between MPEI and MSLU is a boost to the development of the system of innovative experience exchange in specialist training that opens many possibilities for educational activities of two universities," - commented Niklolay Rogalev.

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