MPEI delegation conducted exit entrance exams for applicants in Tashkent


29 August, 2022 in the Botanical Garden of Tashkent, exit entrance examinations were held for foreign applicants of Uzbekistan entering the undergraduate educational programs at MPEI Tashkent Branch.

Over the past four years, MPEI international services together with Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov (TSTU) are the organizers of the entrance exams. This year, as in the previous ones, the delegation was headed by Maxim Kravchenko, Director of MPEI Branch in Tashkent.

It is worth noting the record number of applications submitted by applicants from all over Uzbekistan – about 1800 persons have decided to connect their fate with MPEI. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of places in the admission campaign, not all applicants managed to enter the first year.

The place where the exams were held was also unusual. Due to the large number of applicants, the organizers from TSTU booked a whole Botanical Garden, conveniently located not far from the city center. At first glance, the choice of venue for such a responsible event seemed surprising. Thanks to the high level of organization by colleagues from MPEI Branch in Tashkent, entrance examinations were held at a good level and in a comfortable environment for all participants.

We wish all new MPEI students to successfully complete their studies in their chosen specialties!

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