MPEI and South Africa extend their contacts


9 September, 2022, a video conference between MPEI and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University was held. The South African representative of the meeting was Kanego Mokgosi, Manager on Southern and Northern partnership of the university. MPEI was represented by Sergey Shirinskii, Head of the International Administration, Elena Gulicheva, Director of the International Cooperation Department and Irina Sazonova, leading specialist of the Department.

At the online meeting the presentation on history and current life of MPEI, as well as its educational programs and innovations were provided. Both sides estimated promising fields of cooperation development and expressed hope for further extension of the partnership ties. 


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is a major public university in South Africa that has been active in research and academic work in South Africa since 2005. This African university is considered one of the best on the continent, as it is included in the TOP-20 higher educational institutions in South Africa. The university consists of seven faculties, including the Faculties of Engineering, Architectural Planning and Information Technology.

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