MPEI students took part in referendum at Cuban Embassy in Russia


18 September, 2022, 18 Cuban students of MPEI took part in the election that came as a part of a solid international referendum that took place at the Embassy of Cuba in the Russian Federation. The event was dedicated to the new Family Code.

The basic features of the new version of the Family Codex are its legal status and the refusal to consider a single-criterion vision and an absolute form of a family.

The main body of voting is held on September 25.


The formation of the presented 25th version of the Family Code of the Republic of Cuba has finally been completed as a result of the coordination procedure completion with the indigenous population. As a result of popular discussion, almost 62% of citizens were reinstated with feedback on the new Code version. Of the total number of articles in the new version (483), 273 were changed, 192 were retained, 16 were deleted, 8 were added, and two associations were added as well.

The new 25th edition of the Family Code, which was submitted to a national referendum, was approved by the Supreme Authority of the Republic of Cuba - the natural People's Power, and contains half of the articles and reserves. The new edition ideas of the Family Organism are the signs of the state, as well as the understanding of the uniformity and the absolute concept of "family", which do not limit its signs description.

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