MPEI Rector received Mongolia’s highest foreign award


19 September, 2022, a solemn ceremony was held in the Mongolian Embassy of Russian Federation, dedicated to awarding of the Altan Gadas, Polar Star, to Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI Rector.


The Order of the Polar Star is a state award of Mongolia and is the highest award for foreign citizens. The order was founded in 1936. It is awarded to both military and civilians who have achieved success in strengthening Mongolia, developing its economy, culture and healthcare. Since 1992 it has been one of the highest awards of Mongolia.


Nikolay Rogalev has made a significant contribution to the development of Russian-Mongolian academic and scientific cooperation and the training of personnel for the power industry in Mongolia. MPEI Rector has been an honorary professor of the Mongolian State University of Science and Technology since 2016, and also a co-chairman of the Board of the Russian-Mongolian Consortium of Technical Universities from the Russian side. In 2018, within the active support of Nikolay Rogalev, MPEI opened the Russian-Mongolian Center for Digital Technologies in the Energy Industry.


On behalf of Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh, President of Mongolia, Ulziysaykhan Enkhtuvshin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Russian Federation, presented a high award to Nikolay Rogalev, wishing MPEI Rector creative success, new victories and achievements. The Ambassador thanked the university for training statesmen and public figures who contributed to the development of the Mongolian People's Republic. Ulziysaykhan Enkhtuvshin also noted that the most gifted and talented students from Mongolia are currently studying at MPEI.


Nikolay Rogalev spoke in answer, expressing deep gratitude for the award:
“I am deeply sure that any person visiting Mongolia voluntarily, will fall in love with this country. I’m not an exception, I fell in love with it on my first visit, with its unique nature and spaces and, of course, with people. I’m honored to take this award and I take it on behalf of all the University. Being an Honorable professor of Mongolian University, I am glad to admit that two Mongolian professors are Honorable Doctors of MPEI as well. We will continue to apply all our efforts to maintain our cooperation and brotherhood relationship with you.”


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