Personal scholarships to MPEI students by BL Group

The leaders of the BOOS Lighting group have founded personal scholarship grants for the students of the Lighting Engineering Department of MPEI . This is to be understood not only as the stimulation measure for educational wellbeing and innovational activity of the students of the department, but a decisive move forward in the preparation of the high-quality young specialists with the guarantee of their further job placement in the native and foreign business companies of the largest Russian holding in the Light Engineering, BOOS Lightning Group.

For the purpose of giving honour to the memory of outstanding statesmen and scientists in the field of Lighting Engineering and granting the additional scholarship aid to the students achieved sparkling results in studying and scientific work, the scholarship of S.I. Vavilov, the founder of the scientific school of the physical optics, and some other scholarships have been opened.

A personal scholarship can be awarded to:

  • Full-time Russian scholarship students
  • Representatives of the labour dynasties bound to the BOOS Holding present and future.
  • Foreign students

BL Group, in collaboration with MPEI and the Federal Agency of Affairs in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Expatriates and International  Humanities’ Cooperation has initiated a pilot project of the popularization of the Russian education in the field of Electronics and Nanoelectronics, in a subdomain of Lighting Engineering and Lighting Sources.

The participation of the BL Ggroup in the current project is to give the foreign students an opportunity and to stimulate the desire to study in Russia on the Lighting Engineering specialty in MPEI. The initiative of the project is to teach foreign students on the Russian Lighting Engineering educational basis that will permit the promotion and export the technologies of the BL Holding abroad.

This is a first tryout to establish the partnership between the private and the governmental sectors that is bound to make a basement for business projects all over the world and to prepare the young specialists among the foreign students.

The scholarship committee will consider the systematical participation of the students in the scientific, creative, social, cultural spheres of the life of the University, the scientific research results published in the academic, professional and universities’ press, R&D, Bachelor and Master works that concern the BL Group.

Moreover, BL Group is about to continue the organization of educational projects in Russian companies of the Holding and to provide the most successful students the opportunity to pass the summer practice upon the enterprises abroad, i.e. in Germany, Spain, India and others in the year of 2017/18.​​​​​​

22.11.2017 16:20