AMO - Association of International Offices of Higher Education Institutions


The mission of AMO is  integration of efforts and creative potential of international departments of higher educational institutions staff for solution relevant organizational, methodical, economical and social problems related to modernization of international relations directed to development of academic, scientific, economic and cultural activity.

Aims and tasks are all possible support to academic exchange, keeping and development of existing relations between higher educational institutions

This Association is non-governmental non-commercial public organization establishing on the free-will basis.

Association activity is based on official documents of international rights, position of UN on the human rights and intends coordinate its efforts with activity of UNESCO, UNIDO and other humanitarian international organizations.

The Association is an open organization and is ready to accept those who share aims and tasks of Association and agree with its Charter.

Working languages are Russian, English, German.

The Association is ready for cooperation with any similar organization which support ideal of humanism and progress.