Head of department

Segey V. Vishniakov

+(7 495) 362-75-39




Krasnokazarmennaya 17, Г-313, Moscow, 111250 Russia

(+7-495) 362-76-64
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​Institute of Automatics and Computer Engineering (IACE) was created as a structural MPEI sub-division in 2002 on the basis of the former Faculty of Automatics and Computer Engineering which preserved its face, its traditions and experience which were accumulated during more than 50-years of its activity. At present IACE includes eight departments, five student and 10 Ph.D-student specialties, one group of foreign students trained fully in English medium, mutual group with German partner-universities with partial training in German language for arranging the double-diploma programs for the graduates, two educational centers of qualification improvement. The total staff of IACE professors and teachers includes more that 200 persons and among them 32 Dr.Sci and 87 Ph.D.

Within the limits of MPEI University, IACE is exactly the Institute which trains the specialists of information elite of the society in all main directions of the modern information technologies, namely:

  • Versatile usage of the advanced information technologies in scientific research and in industry;
  • Creation of complicated software basing on the achievements of the artificial intelligence;
  • Automation of scientific research and designing of the electronic devices and machinery details, automation of industry and control systems;
  • Creation and usage of computer networks, storing the huge information volumes in the data-bases and the fast search of necessary data;
  • Fast execution of large volumes of measurements, transmission of huge data arrays including via radio and fiber-optic channels;
  • Creation of the effective algorithmic software for the intellectual diagnostic systems with the help of the artificial neuron network technologies;
  • Information protection, coding and decoding.
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