In 1946 MPEI organized its first program for training of international students and from this time it has always been open for foreigners. Since then more than 11000 foreign students from more than 100 countries gained their Bachelor and Master degree at MPEI. More than 1000 specialists got the PhD and Dr.-Sc. Degree. On the territory of MPEI 550 educational laboratories for students and more than 100 research laboratories are located. MPEI consists of 70 Departments with their own special scientific and research purposes.

According to numerous rankings and surveys MPEI is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities of Russia. For 90 years of history a huge number of the qualified engineers, prominent scientists who were standing at the origins of many technical achievements, in particular, of laser creation, have been trained there.

Now more than 15000 undergraduate and 500 postgraduate students are trained at MPEI. Among them there are 2000 foreign students and trainees from more than 68 countries. The teaching staff includes 1500 professors, associate professors and lecturers. Most of them (80%) have Degrees of Doctor of Sciences or Philosophy Doctor.