MPEI educational activity includes:

  • pre-university education within the limits of the preliminary courses, the Sunday College, partner schools and Energy Physics Lyceum created in Moscow on the basis of the MPEI initiative;
  • Fundamental higher education on the various directions of the Bachelor level;
  • Education up to the certified specialist level (engineer, economist, manager etc.);
  • Education up to the Master level;
  • Obtaining the second education;
  • Education at Ph.D. course for obtaining the Ph.D. degree;
  • Passing through Doctor of Sciences candidate level for finishing the work on the Dr. Sci. thesis;
  • Education of specialists on the refreshing and qualification raising courses including at the partner-enterprises.

The educational process is arranged using the new informational technologies, which creates the new unified informational educational medium. The unified informational educational mediumof MPEI is intending for the infomational implementation of the most business processes related to the expert training in the Russian system of higher education. It unifies the information about the organizational structure of university, data on teachers, employees, students, information about the educational levels of each student and about the acting educational curriculums. It ensures the new possibilities for students and teachers communication, to improve the educational process. MPEI had got the award of President of Russian Federation for development and implementation the new informational technologies in the educational process.

MPEI is actively forming its own network of the distant learning, which allows us to perform the virtual and real experiments, which are strictly necessary for training of engineers.

The classical professional education is combined with the additional education. 


Additional education programs, which are open for all, who wants to receive it, are implemented by MPEI Centers of Training and Retraining:

  • School of Managers
  • Business School
  • Electric Supply of Industrial Enterprises and Towns
  • Energetic Ecology
  • Systems and Installation for Artificial Climate
  • Applied Illumination Technology
  • Electronic Security and Information Exchange Systems
  • Computer Graphics and Office Work
  • Management in Electric Economy
  • Integrated Computer Systems and Communication Technologies
  • Center of New Information-Measuring Systems and Technologies
  • MPEI-FESTO Mutual Educational Center of MPEI and FESTO Company (Germany)
  • Education-Informational Center for Small Business and Innovation Activity acting as a joint educational center of MPEI and Moscow Foundation of Expert Training of the Moscow Government
  • Educational Center of New Information Technologies in the field of Accounting, Audit and Financial Management established at help of the Moscow Foundation of Experts Training of Moscow Government
  • English College
  • Courses for Advanced Learning of Foreign Languages
  • School of Technical Interpreters in English Language
  • and others

MPEI performs the education of specialists on the Federal Program “Education of Managers for Organizations of Russian Federation”.

There is an Educational Center for Energetic Branch in the field of management in MPEI. This Center is functioning on the basis of the European Union program and is established by the international consortium consisting of the industrial and educational organizations of Greece, Denmark and Ireland.

The important point of the pedagogical process is the student’s physical and mental development. Humanitarian component is the integral part of the modern specialist training. MPEI House of Culture and its/ groups (of students and teachers) are well-known both in Moscow and beyond the borders of our country.

Any student and guest can be acquainted with the MPEI traditions inside the MPEI Museum, which is used for the classes with young students during the learning of our history, the MPEI previous life.​​​