Since 1946 foreign students and postgraduates have been studying at MPEI. Nowadays over 17000 foreign specialists in different fields from more than 100 countries are MPEI alumni. The first foreign MPEI graduates were alumni of 1952, Spain citizens. In different years such outstanding persons as Li Peng, former Premier of the State Council of China and Ion Iliescu, former President of Romania graduated from MPEI. Ministers of power engineering and heads of major power engineering companies of many countries are MPEI alumni. In 1969 the 1000th foreign specialist, a citizen of Afghanistan, Raz Mohammed Paktin graduated from MPEI. He later became the first Ambassador of Afghanistan to the USSR, Minister of Power Engineering of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA), and then - the Minister of Internal Affairs of the DRA.    

In 1955 the Students’ Council (Zemlyachestvo) was established at MPEI. It was a self-governing organization of foreign students, for the first time appeared among soviet universities educating foreign students that time. In 1964 MPEI Inter Club was established to organize non-educational time and extracurricular activities for international and soviet undergraduate and postgraduate students. MPEI regularly held intercamps during summer and winter vacations, friendship evenings at MPEI House of Culture, fairs, and national cuisine days.

As the number of international students increased, the need to create a foreign alumni department appeared. At that time, only Moscow State University and MPEI received permission from the USSR Ministry of Higher Education to create a department for working with foreign alumni. And in 1980th, due to the large number of foreign graduates, the decision to organize an independent department for working with foreign graduates was made. The established department focused its efforts on relations development with alumni.  

In 1995 MPEI Alumni Association was established. The first foreign members of the association were Li Peng, Premier of the State Council of China and Ion Iliescu, President of Romania.

And now MPEI holds of foreign alumni meetings, participates in forums of Russian and Soviet alumni in different countries around the world. Every year foreign graduates receive information about events that take place at MPEI during the year, participate in conferences and a number of other international events on MPEI basis.



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