Head of department

IEPE Director - Vladimir N. Tulsky

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Krasnokazarmennaya 17, Д-204, Moscow, 111250 Russia

(+7-495) 362-73-52


Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (IEPE) was created as a structural MPEI sub-division in 1999 on the basis of the former Electrical Power Engineering Faculty which preserved its face, its traditions and experience which were accumulated during more than 50-years of its activity. At present IEPE includes seven departments (among them are two of general education). The total staff of IEPE professors and teachers includes 201 persons and among them are one RAS Academician, two corresponding members of RAS, 49 Dr.Sci and 99 Ph.D. IEPE has 1300 students and 60 Ph.D.-students. IEPE trains Bachelor and Masters in the direction Electrical Power Engineering, engineers on seven specialties, train the Ph.D.-students and Dr.Sci.-candidates on three scientific specialties.​

In the system of higher education of the Russian Federation IEPE is the developer of modern and prospective technologies of expert training for the Electrical Power Engineering branch. The peculiarity of IEPE education is the wide profile of electrical power engineering training of students due to the participation of all IEPE departments in formation of the technical horizon for future graduates of each specialties. This important property creates the favorable conditions for fast and successful adaptation to any complicated circumstances of industrial activity.

Each IEPE graduate can successfully work actually at any power engineering object of production (electrical power plant), of transit transmission (power association) and of distribution electric power (distributive electrical nets), as well as in assembling-adjusting, designing and research and development organizations of electrical power engineering and other branches of national economy.

IEPE departments are equipped with the modern laboratory base and computer centers joined into local computer network with access to the international communication INTERNET network. There is also the Center of Training and Retraining specialists in the field of electrical power Engineering as well as the School of Managers.

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