The system of qualification raising, professional retraining and additional education for students, teachers and experts fulfills the following tasks:

  • systematic improvement of teacher qualification for MPEI and other Russian universities as well as the university teachers for former USSR republics;skill1.png
  • arrangement of scientific and pedagogical training courses for teachers and experts of Russian and foreign universities, organizations and enterprises;
  • qualification improvement and professional retraining of the experts for organizations and enterprises of Russia and former USSR;
  • professional retraining of experts on the basis of the individual requests and training programs;
  • professional retraining and qualification improvement of the state employees of Russia.

This activity is fulfilled at MPEI by:

  • The Faculty of Teachers and Experts Qualification Improvement (FTEQI)
  • The system of Centers for Training and Retraining (CTR)

At present the qualification improvement for teachers in fulfilled by FTEQI) in the following directions:

  • Thermal Power Engineeringskill2.png
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics, and Electrical Technologies
  • Power Machinery
  • Technical _Physics
  • Automation an â Computer Engineering
  • Economics and Production Management
  • Radio Engineering and Electronics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social and Humanitarian Sciences

For MPEI and the other Russian universities teachers the following educational courses are offered:


The cycle “Informatics and Computer Engineering":skill3.png

  • Common-university system for electronic mail
  • Data-base administration in the system client-server
  • Designing of the learning and simulation systems
  • Models and systems with man-machine interfaces
  • Algorithms, procedures and languages for programming
  • Data bases on personal computers
  • Preparation of presentations

The cycle ”Economics”:

  • Project management
  • Fundamentals of macro-economy
  • Economy of enterprise
  • Elements of financial analysis
  • Methods and system for decision making

The psychology-pedagogical cycle:skill4.png

  • Applied psychology and pedagogics
  • Applied psychology and business communication
  • Personnel management

Qualification improvement in the other areas is fulfilled on the basis of the individual educational programs forming in accordance with the requests of the trainees and sending universities.

The MPEI CTR system performs the students additional; education, as well as the experts’ training and retraining. We offer to trainees the large list of educational programs of various duration in different directions, among which there are management, information technologies, marketing, foreign languages, law, problems of energy saving and energy audit and many others offered by different MPEI departments.

All CTR pass through the accreditation on the recommendations of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. The trainees are offered more than 100 educational programs with duration from 40 till 1.500 academic hours. To conduct the educational classes, highly qualified teachers and scientific researches are involved from different MPEI departments as well as the famous experts from external universities and organizations. The themes of the educational classes can be urgently changed with accordance to technologies renewing. So, in 2008 on the basis of the Federal Network Company EES of Russia’s request the educational programs were developed for more that 20 seminars and courses of qualification improvement for the leaders and employees of the power enterprises.