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IHAS was created in 1995. Its creation met two current trends of the late XX - early XXI centuries: the development of paid learning services and the humanization of technical education. Non-major fields of study at MPEI fit the times. IHAS includes 2 departments - “Humanities” and “Design”, 3 fields of study on an intramural basis, two fields of study in intra-extramural form of study, and since 2017 - extramural form of study. IHAS includes 7 departments and the Adult Linguistic Education Centre. Fitting of the Institute with specialized audiences (sculpture works, studios of computer-aided design and engineering, drawing and painting classrooms, language laboratory) establishes comfortable conditions for the mastering future professions. The Student Scientific Meeting "Lefortovo Readings" and the International Research-to-Practice Conference "Arefiev Readings", as well as the holding of exhibitions of artworks by students and teachers - all of those things became IHAS traditions.