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The Institute of the Humanities and Applied Sciences(IHAS) was set up in the framework of a new trend underlying the program of introduction of the Humanities into the technical education at the National Research University “The MPEI” in 1995.

Currently The Institute of the Humanities and Applied Sciences (The IHAS) comprises two faculties:

  • The Design Faculty,
  • The Humanities Faculty.

The Design Faculty offers training in DESIGN 0725000 on a two-level system of education:

  • the Bachelor of Design (4 years),
  • the Master of Design (2 years).

The graduates gain qualifications in “Graphic Design”, “Interior Design”, “Industrial Design”.

Internal-external education (4,5 years).

Additional education:

  • Preparatory courses in drawing, painting, composition.
  • Professional refresher courses in DESIGN (2,5 years).

The Faculty comprises the departments:


The DPS department has specialized drawing, painting and sculpture studios, a rich still-life fund and exhibition rooms.

The Design department has a few computer design studios, a photo studio, a laboratory of technology and planning workshops.

The Faculty cooperates with the Florentine Academy of Design.

High standards of training grant the graduates wide professional prospects. Our graduates have been successfully working for the Head Architecture-Planning Office of Moscow, the NTV-Design, the VINZAVOD Modern Art Center, the Bosco di Ciliedgi, the Virtu, the Children Center of Automobile Design and The Hitachi, Russia.

www.gpi-design.ru, www.gpi-mpei.ru, tel. 495 362 79 55, 707 13 27

The Humanities Faculty emerged from the Institute of Linguistics as a result of the re-arrangements in the MPEI in the year 2012, the Institute of Linguistics being set up in 2000. The Humanities Faculty offers training in LINGUISTICS 035700 and ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS 031600 on a two-level system of education:

  • the Bachelor of Arts / Applied Sciences (4 years)
  • the Master of Arts / Applied Sciences (2 years).

The graduates gain qualifications in “Translation and Translating Techniques”, “Theoretical and Applied Linguistics”, “Public Relations”.

  • Internal-external education (night-school) based on a short program of training for a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations for persons with a secondary vocational education of a corresponding type (3 years).
  • Secondary Higher education majoring in “Translation and Translating Techniques” 035701 (3 years).

Additional education:

  • The Program of additional to the higher education majoring in “Translator in the sphere of professional communication” at The Center of Additional Language Education (the CALE) (2-3-year evening classes).
  • Professional refresher courses in “Public Relations” (2-year evening classes).

The Humanities Faculty comprises the department of Applied Linguistics and Translating Techniques with highly qualified professionals and specialists on the staff offering training in several modern foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, French).

The Faculty cooperates with the leading higher educational institutions in this country as well as invites specialists from major advertising agencies, publishing houses and companies to deliver lectures, hold master-classes providing high standards of training.

www.gpi-mpei.ru, www.gpi-mpei.com, tel. 495 673 07 79, 673 15 45

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