In September, 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan the agreement on creation of the partner network of Universities for continuous cooperation in power supply and energy efficiency NESEFF, "Network for energy supply and energy efficiency" was signed. Its main purpose is  to provide a sustainable development of scientific communications and cooperation.

The parties who signed this agreement:

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"

Technical University of Liberec (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Wroclaw University of Technology (Wroclaw, Poland)

Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

National Mining University (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus - Senftenberg (Cottbus, Germany)

NESEFF aims to:

  • regular scientific exchange 
  • professional development of employees
  • informing and consultation of government bodies, establishments, associations, etc. in the field of power engineering
  • support of continuous education of students in this field. 

The NESEFF founder and chairman is Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sylvio Simon. NESEFF functioning is performed with the assistance of Institute of ecological technologies and processing "IURS e. B.", Senftenberg, Germany.

  • University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (USCO)

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" is one of the leading universities on the direction “Power Engineering”. 15 universities from 5 countries participate in this direction.

The main mission of USCO is realization of agreed training of high-skilled experts on the basis of coordinated innovational educational programs in specialties, which demonstrate the priority interest for economical and social development of states – members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

USCO functions as a network of already existed universities in the states – members of SCO.

The student trained according to the USCO program should have a possibility to continue his education at one of the leading unierciies which realizes the agreement program from every semester he deserves, which realizes the agreed program. At present, the USCO realizes education on Master programs in directions of Region-knowledge, Ecology, IT-technologies, Nano-technologies and Power Engineering. At that, the maximal period of training at the foreign university-partner does not restrict but it should correspond to the training period and the total number of hours necessary for obtaining the document about education at his national university. The student must pass education at the foreign university-partner – the leading (basing) university of USCO during not less than one module of the program at that, the recommended period of education consists in one semester. At the end, the student gets the diploma of the university, in which he performed the training program and successfully passed the appropriate exams. At the initial development stage of USOC the student also gets mutually-agreed certificate of USCO.

Universities-participators are:

  • National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
  • Federal State Ural University named after the first Russian President B.N. El’tzin
  • Federal State Novosibirsk Technical University
  • Tadjik Technical University named after the academician M.S. Osimi
  • Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov
  • Republican State Enterprise “Karaganda State Technical University» of Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpaev, International Institute of after-university education «Excellence PolyTech»
  • Pavlodar State University named after C. Toraigyrov
  • Oshsk State University
  • Almaata University of Power Engineering and Communication
  • South-Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov
  • Chinese Petroleum University (Bejing)
  • North-Chinese Electrical Power Engineering University
  • Harbin Polytechnic University
  • Lanzhou Polytechnic University
  • Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities (RKCTU)

30 universities from 2 countries

Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of technical universities (RKCTU) was created in 2013 on the basis of decisions of Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Russian Commission on trade-economic, scientific-engineering and humanitarian cooperation (the protocol of the 13th Session dated Apr. 12th, 2011 and the protocol of the 14th Session dated Apr. 27th, 2012).

The Consortium is established with the assistance of the Ministries of Education and Science of two countries and is a free-will association of Russian and Kyrgyz universities, which have signed the Agreement on Consortium establishing or joined to it later, which have the common purposes for support and development of mutual network educational programs.

The permanent member of Consortium are:
Universities of Russian Federation:

  1. Altai State University
  2. Altai State Technical University named after I.I. Pozunov
  3. Astrakhan’ State University
  4. Baltic State Technical University named after D.F. Ustinov
  5. Kazan State Power Engineering University
  6. Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry
  7. Kostroma State Agreculture Academy
  8. Magnitogorsk State Technical university named after G.I. Nosov
  9. Moscow Automobile-Road State Technical University
  10. Moscow State University of Press named after I. Fiodorov
  11. National Research University “Moscow State Construction University”
  12. Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics
  13. Moscow State Technical University of Communication and Informatics
  14. National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute»
  15. National Research Technological University ”MISIS”
  16. National Research University «Tomsk Polytechnical University»
  17. Omsk State University of Roads
  18. Sankt-Peterburg National Research University og Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
  19. Siberian State Air-Space University named after M.F. Reshetniov
  20. Pacific State University

University of Kyrgyz Republic:

  1. Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov
  2. Kyrgyz State University of Constructions, Transport and Architecture named after N. Isanov
  3. Kyrgyz National Agriculture University named after K.I. Skryabin
  4. Kyrgyz National University named after G.Balasgyn
  5. Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University named after the first President of Russian Federation B.N. El’tzin
  6. Oshsk Technological University named after academician M. Aldyshev
  • Association of Universities of Russia and Armenia

On the 03.11.2015 within the Forum in Yerevan a memorandum on intentions was signed to found the Association of Universities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia. The document was signed by thirty six Universities of Russia and Armenia such as: National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russian-Armenian University, Ural State University of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, Yerevan State University and others to strengthen the relationships of the state educational establishments and for the assistance to mutual understanding between two people.

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" was a part of the Association for assistance to formation and realization of joint educational programs, the organizations of network and bilateral cooperation, development of the academic mobility and other forms of cooperation with Universities of Armenia.

Activity of this Association will be directed on assistance to formation and realization of joint educational programs, development of educational and methodical materials and the organization of electronic education and online learning, creation of joint subjects of scientific and innovative infrastructure. It is planned that the Association will organize and hold public events, conferences of the scientific, educational and innovative profile, seminars and teleconferences.

For the purpose of successful foundation of the Association there was created a working group. The coordinators will be National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" from the Russian side and Russian-Armenian University from the Armenian side.

  • Association of the Russian and Azerbaijani Universities

On the 20.11.2015 a ceremony of signing of the Memorandum on creation of the Association of the Russian and Azerbaijani Universities was held.

Ramil Bakhtizin - Rector of the Ufa State Petroleum Technical University - acted as the Cochairman of the Association from the Russian side. The Association included 31 Russian Universities, such as Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, North-Caucasus Federal University, National Research University "MPEI", The Kazan (Volga) Federal University, The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Southern Federal University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and also 19 Azerbaijani Universities: Baku State University, Azerbaijan Technical University, ADA University, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Baku Slavic University, etc. The Azerbaijani part was headed by Elkhan Guseynov - Rector of Sumgayit State University.

Creation of the Association is timely and very important event. It meets the political and economic requirements of our time, it is the strong base of future cooperation, it unites countries for development of effective decisions on improvement of education systems. And, above all – it gives the chance to be the constant participant of developments of strategic partnership of Russia and Azerbaijan, to make the important decisions necessary for deepening of integration processes in the fields of education and science, – the Association will do the work on expansion of the international academic mobility and identification of competitive researches".

  • The Consortium «It is a time to study in Russia!», Rossotrudnichestvo, 11 Consortium members, 50 universities-participators

The Consortium "It is a time to study in Russia!" is a free-will association of the educational institutions of higher education on the basis of common interests for mutual realization of aims and tasks.

In its activity the Consortium is governed by the acting regulations of the Russian Federation, the Codex of Competition conception of “It is a time to study in Russia!”, which is held in foreign countries for foreign citizens and compatriots, who are selected for getting the higher education in the Russian Federation, which is adopted by the Federal Agency on activity of the Commonwealth of Independent States, compatriots living abroad and in international Humanitarian Cooperation «Rossotrudnichestvo» and agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Consortium activity is based on principles of free-will, openness and self-management.

«MISIDS» and «MPEI», at support of Rossotrudnichestvo, appeared as initiators of the system fulfillment of measures abroad for selection of school graduates of national secondary schools for education in Russian Universities. During this time, the selection measures were arranged anв information actions in 13 countries including in China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan etc. The Conception was developed for Competition performing, which is adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation and is confirmed by Rossotrudnichestvo.

The main idea laid in organization of Competitions “It is a time to studey in Russia!” is joining up of efforts of Russian Universities, Rossotrudnichestvo and Ministry of Education and Science for the export of educational services. It should be noted that established Consortium is open for new members. 

The list of universities-participators:

  • National Research University MPEI
  • National Research Technological University MISIS
  • Belgorod State National Research University;
  • Moscow State Mechanical Engineering Unversity;
  • Moscow State Construction University;
  • Moscow State Technical University MIREA;
  • Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics;
  • Moscow Technological Institute;
  • Moscow Physical-Engineering Institute (State Unversity)
  • National Research University MIET;
  • Sankt-Peterburg State Polytechnical University
  • The Project «Synergia», 5 partners


Association of educational resources of five leading technical universities for training of experts-developers of industrial automatics of international level.

Participators of the project are:

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute";

Baltic State Technical University named after D.F. Ustinov;

Omsk State Technical University;

Karaganda State Technical University;

Concern «Festo».

  • International Academic Forum for the Development of Electric Power Technologies ADEPT

In the Forum operation 8 universities from different continents participate: 

  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgo, UK
  • Curtin University, Perth, Australia
  • National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”), Moscow, Russia
  • Electric Power University, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kayang, Malaysia
  • Federal University of Itajuba, Itajuba, Brazil
  • Brandenburg University of Technology, Kotbus, Germany
  • Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China

Within the limits of the Forum, all 8 universities had signed the Memorandum on Establishing of permanently operated Forum of ADEPT intending to help the development of both energetic technologies and two-side cooperation between university-partners.

  • Russian-Chinese-Belarus Consortium of universities

It was established at Sept. 26th 2010 with the purpose of expert training, students’ exchange, scientific developments exchange, for cooperation programs in education.
University-participators are:

  1. National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute»
  2. Bauman Moscow State University
  3. Belarusian National Technical University
  4. D.I.Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology
  5. Irkutsk State University
  6. Samara State Aerospace University
  7. St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University
  8. Ural Federal University
  9. Beijing Institute of Technology
  10. Beihang University
  11. Beijing Jiao Tong University
  12. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  13. Beijing University of Technology
  14. Harbin Engineering University
  15. Harbin University of Technology
  16. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  17. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  18. North China Electric Power University
  19. Northwestern Polytechnic University
  20. University of Science and Technology, Beijing
  • АМО - «Association of International Offices of Higher Education Institutions»

The mission is an integration of efforts and creative potential of the staff of international departments of higher educational institutions for solution the relevant organizational, methodical, economical and social problems related to modernization of international relations directed to development of academic, scientific, economics and culture.

Aims and tasks are: all possible support to academic exchange, keeping and development existing relations between higher educational institutions, creation of conditions for gradual integration with the higher education system in the West.

This Association is non-governmental non-commercial public organization establishing on the free-will basis.

In its activity, the Association is governed by the norm of international rights, position of UN on the human rights and intends coordinate its efforts with activity of UNESCO, UNIDO and other humanitarian international organizations.

The Association is the open organization and is ready to accept those who share aims and tasks of Association and agrees to its Charter.

The Charter of Association is controlled to its activity as well as the order of integration to and disintegration from it.

Working languages are Russian, English, German.

The Association is ready to cooperation with any similar organizations, which support ideal of humanism and progress.

Participators of the Association are:

Belarus National Technical University;

University “Prof. Dr Asen Zlatarov”;
University of Chamical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia;
Technical University, Sofia;
University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, Sofia;
Technical University, Gabrovo;
American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad;
Technical University, Varna;
Higher Transport College named after Kabkleshkov;

University of Technology and Economics, Budapest;

Technical University, Ilmenau;
Construction University, Weimar;
Higher Technical College, Mitwide;
University, Rostok;
Mining Academy, Freiberg;
Technical University, Dresden;
Higher Professional College, Augsburg;
Higher Professional College, Erfurt;

Vilnuss Technical University named after Gediminas;

Warsaw Polytechnics;
Wroclaw Polytechnics;
Radom Polytechnics;
Gdansk Polytechnics;

Volzhsk State Engineering-Pedagogical University;
Sankt-Peterburg State Electrotechnical University named after V.I. Ulianov;
Sankt-Peterburg Polytechnical University of Peter the Great;
Peterburg State University of Roads of Imperator Alexander the First;
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" ;
National Research University «MISI»;
Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics;
National Research Technological University "MISIS";
Russian Chemical-Technology University named after D.I. Mendeleev;
Moscow State University of Roads;
Bauman Moscow State Technical University;
National Research Tomsk Polytechnical University;
Moscow State University of Food Industry;
Omsk State University of Roads;
South-Ural State University;
Ural State University of Roads;
Novosibirsk State Medical University;

Slovakia Technical University in Bratislava;

National Technical University of Ukraine;

Technical University, Prague

  • ASRTU – Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

ASRTU is a non-commercial organization which was established in 06.03.2011 and integrating top-ranked technical universities of two countries on a voluntary basis, is an effective platform in the sphere of professional technical higher education within the framework of the programme of Russian-Chinese Committee of humanitarian cooperation.

Association objectives:

Integration of efforts of the top-ranked Russian and Chinese technical universities for preparing highly-qualified personnel for innovation-based economy; assistance in academic exchange programmes for students and teachers; development of cooperation in the area of science and technology between Russia and China.

Working languages: Russian, Chinese and English

ASRTU was established on the basis of Harbin Institute of Technology and Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The list of member-universities and observers of the Association from Russian part:

  1. Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  2. Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  3. Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University
  4. Moscow Aviation Institute
  5. Moscow State Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Automation
  6. National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”
  7. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
  8. Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  9. ITMO University
  10. Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
  11. Samara State Aerospace University
  12. Izhevsk State Technical University
  13. Ural Federal University
  14. Tomsk Polytechnic University
  15. Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  16. Novosibirsk State Technical University
  17. Pacific National University
  18. Far Easten Federal University
  19. Amur State University
  20. South Ural State University

The list of member-universities and observers of the Association from Chinese part:

  1. Harbin Institute of Technology
  2. Harbin Engineering University
  3. Jilin University
  4. Changchun University of Science and Technology
  5. Dalian University of Technology
  6. Tianjin University
  7. Beihang University
  8. Beijing Institute of Technology
  9. China University of Petroleum, Beijing
  10. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  11. Northwestern Polytechnical University
  12. Tongi University
  13. Southeast University
  14. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  15. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  16. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  17. Chongqing University
  18. South China University of Technology
  19. Chongqing University
  20. South China University of Technology
  • BRICS University

According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the 10.02.2016 No. 99 National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" is included into the structure of the BRICS University. In total from the Russian Federation the following Universities has been included into the BRICS:

  1. Moscow State Institute of International Relations - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  2. Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  3. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University);
  4. National University of Science and Technology MISiS;
  5. Tomsk Polytechnic University;
  6. The National Research University Higher School of Economics;
  7. National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute";
  8. Leading National Research Tomsk State University;
  9. The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia;
  10. Saint Petersburg State University;
  11. ITMO University;
  12. The Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin
  • The Union of High Educational Establishments "One belt - One way"

The Union of HEE "One belt - One way" was created on the 17 of October, 2017 in frame of "Dongguan Consensus" declared by the Chinese, Russian, Korean, and other foreign countries' High Educational Establishments.

The first Trend Forum of the Union of HEE "One belt - One way" took place from the 18th to the 19th of September, 2016 in Dongguan.

Throughout this project for MPEI the most interesting matters are:

  1. The collaborative platform creation for the informational sharing among the Universities;
  2. The formation of a new mechanism of international academic training of the specialists, assistance for students' exchange among the Universities of the Union, the international experience in high-skilled stuff training;
  3. Cooperation in frame of Research and Development Projects, escalation of the professors, tutors and research workers exchange.