Head of department

IHRE Director - Tatiana A. Shestopalova

(+7-495) 362-72-51


​Goals and mission of the Institute of HRES

  • Maintaining of the group to leadership in the domain of training for high quality staff
  • Implementation of sophisticated technologies and methods into the educational process
  • Realization of all the stages of continuous education, including basic and advanced training and retraining
  • Stimulation of interest towards creative, scientific and research work

Currently Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy gives education to Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students in the domains of Hydropower engineering, Renewable energy sources, Machinery and Power construction.

Bachelor specialties:

  • 13.03.02 Electric Power Engineering and Electrical engineering (Specialization in Hydropower Stations and Renewable energy sources)
  • 08.03.01 Construction Engineering (Specialization in Industrial, Civil and Electrical Power Engineering)
  • 13.03.03 Power Engineering Machinery (Specialization in Automatic hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment)

​Master specialties

  • 13.04.02 Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Electrical Power Engineering)
  • 13.04.03 Power Engineering Machinery

Besides training on the basic specialties, the Institute gives retraining as an additional education, and post-diploma training to raise the professional quality.

Receiving education at the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy means:

  • Upon graduation you are to become a high-grade specialist
  • You will have the opportunity to be a part of a group of highly qualified engineers
  • You will be competitive in the domains of Renewable energy sources, Technical safety, Hydromechanics and generally in high-technical research,
  • Your knowledge and abilities will find application in many spheres of science, culture, social and economic activity.
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