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I​nstitute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering (ITNPE) was established in 2000 as a structural MPEI sub-division on the basis of confluence of the former Thermal Power Engineering Faculty and Energy Physics Faculty and certainly preserved its face, its traditions and experience which were accumulated during 80-years of its activity. At present ITNPE includes 9 departments, it has two directions of Bachelor and Master courses; nine specialties for engineers and five specialties for Ph.D. courses; four educational-scientific centers which are used by ITNPE students and Ph.D.-students. The total staff of ITNPE professors and teachers includes 194 persons and among them are 48 Dr.Sci. and 113 Ph.D.

ITNPE has deep scientific, technological and industrial links with JSC “EES of Russia”, JSC “Mosenergo”, other energy systems. ITNPE graduates from Thermal Power Engineering direction are intensively invited by the industrial enterprises because they have deep scientific and practical experience, the computer technologies knowledge and the skill to solve complicated problems in energetic. ITNPE is closely linked with research, development and designing organizations of Moscow and other regions of Russia where many MPEI graduates work. ITNPE graduates from Technical Physics direction have deep mathematical and physical preparation and are invited to research and development organizations.

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