Students’ Union 

The students’ interests at MPEI are defended by the Students’ Union. Its tasks are to maintain the quality of education, to supervise the conditions of the hostel, to provide leisure events and to distribute financial support among the persons who need it.

These are the MPEI Students’ Union tasks and their solutions:

  • Offering the financial assistance such as giving grants-in-aid, subsidies, scholarship augmentation and other benefits
  • Monitoring the work of MPEI Administration and its duties towards students;
  • Suppressing the conflicts
  • Helping with job placement before and after graduation
  • Giving health recovery by providing the MPEI sanatorium lodging while educated
  • Publishing the "Energetic" student newspaper
  • Organizing students’ unofficial events
  • Providing tours to the Black Sea Campus Alushta in summer and to Campus Energia in winter for students


Student Cultural Society


The Student Cultural Society was created in 2009. The basic tasks of it are:

  • Unity of the University’s youth on the base of the common positive interests and values, involvement of the studentship in the creative and cultural life of the University, taking part in the activity of the House of Culture of MPEI
  • Formation of the esteemed group of the Student Cultural Society members that influences the MPEI Institutes
  • Help students in self-fulfillment, personal development and development of spirit and creative qualities
  • Carrying out of the cultural and mass events for students in their leisure time
  • Involvement in University and Culture Hall activities
  • Participation in the programs of summer and winter campuses of MPEI
  • Education of the willing students in the field of the event organization at MPEI or out
  • Establishing of leadership qualities in the student society

During its existence, the organization has been successfully developing, constantly increasing the number of its members, expanding its focus and improving the quality of events. Under the guidance of professionals, learning from their experience, in the process of developing the organization students acquire practical skills in directing, conducting events, writing scripts, acting, photographing and filming, editing and processing material, sound engineering, decorating and decorating premises, creating and conducting advertising campaigns. Active work aimed at attracting students to the creative teams of the House of Culture MPEI, has led to growth in the number of people wishing to engage in ballroom, sports, variety and modern dances, vocals, choral singing and jazz music.


Student Cultural Society implements the personal, creative and spiritual and moral ideas of MPEI students into traditional events with the help of MPEI officials such as:

  •  "First-years’ " nights
  • Annual show contest "First-years’ Lady"
  • Contest "MPEI Stars"
  • Night Disco "Energy Fir-Tree"
  • Pancake Carnival at the "Energy Stadium"
  • Annual show contests "Mr. MPEI" and "Ms. MPEI"

Annually, more than 1000 students of MPEI take part in events organized by the Student Cultural Society of MPEI. The work of the Student Cultural Institute of MPEI is merited by numerous diplomas and certificates of various competitions and festivals ("Festos", "Sails of Hope", etc.), as well as honorable certificates of the Rector of MPEI. ​