Krasnokazarmennaya 17, Б-410, Moscow, 111250 Russia

Phone: (+7-495) 362-72-61

​The Institute got its modern name in 2002, preserving its face, traditions and experience gathered over a 76-year period of activities. Now almost 800 students are trained at IPMM in the following fields of study: "Power Engineering Industry", "Mechatronics and Robotics", "Applied Mechanics" and there is a Bachelor's programme "Mechanic Engineering". The institute includes 5 Departments, where the teaching staff is about 150 persons, as well as more than 20 professors and 90 associate professors. Historically at IPMM there are trained more than 12,000 graduates who work not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in many countries of the far abroad. IPMM is rightly proud of its graduates, including well-known scientists and designers, heads of large research institutes, power engineering plants, design, adjustment and other organizations. The scientific activities and educational work of IPMM scientists and teachers were continually noted by prestigious national awards and prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Textbooks and research monographs by IPMM scientists and professors in almost all branches of power machinery, heat power engineering, hydro and gas dynamics, and engineering and applied mechanics are widely known in Russia and are translated into many languages of the world.