Krasnokazarmennaya 17, Г-415, Moscow, 111250 Russia

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IEEHT was established in 2000 on the basis of the department of industrial heat power engineering. The Institute consists of 5 departments and 3 research units. At the Institute there are considered the issues of thermal generation, its distribution and conversion taking into account new innovation processes, the introduction of advanced technology solutions. At IEEHT there are trained bachelors and masters in the fields of study "Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering" and "Economics". Bachelors are trained in 5 educational program specializations and Masters are trained in 7 educational program specializations, including English on an intramural basis. Since 2017 at IEEHT there has been an extramural form of study upon a master's program in the field of study "Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering" that has made it possible for bachelors to work and simultaneously to improve their knowledge. There is an opportunity to get an alternative higher-education degree in the field of study "Economics" in extramural form of study and part-time study.

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