IEEHT conducts scientific investigation in the following fields:

  • resource and energy saving in heat supply systems of the industrial objects, housing and domestic services;
  • efficiency increase of heating and refrigerating installations, systems of air supply;
  • energy audit and rationalization of heat and power supply systems;
  • development of the modern heat technological equipment;
  • development of the core fields of energy saving in power industry;
  • research and development of heat technology;
  • infrastructure development for innovation complexes;
  • economic and management problems of energy saving;
  • technology commercialization and transfer at universities;
  • steady-state and non-stationary two-phase heat-exchange dynamics and hydrodynamics;
  • calculation of the single-phase heat-exchange characteristics in tubes, channels and objects of various forms;
  • development of power-consuming rechargeable current sources;
  • system analysis and optimization of electrochemical installations;
  • methodical basis of energy investigations;
  • studying the interaction of energy conditions and climate on the base of historic and model approaches.
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