Creation of resource centers of Russian education abroad is being realized in the framework of Federal project "Education Export". In the framework of the project, the experts of leading Russian universities are teaching Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Russian on the basis of created resource centers.
The goals of the centers are to bring the knowledge of foreign students to the Russian educational system standarts and as well to find talented young men to participate in the international Olympiads.


  • Attract and prepare talented foreign students to study in Russian Universities;
  • Realize the subject programs and elective courses on the remote basis;
  • Realize the subject programs, elective courses, social practice, project research activities on the non-remote basis for all the senior students of classes included in the resource network
  • Support the project methodically through conducting different events, i.e. seminars, master-classes, conferences and other means of training and experience exchange for students and teachers of the schools participating in the project

Target groups

  • School undergraduates;
  • Free listeners of the basic level;
  • Graduates having mastered knowledge and skills of the basic level of the subject programs who are motivated and have the goal of studying at Russian universities;
  • Parental society members;
  • Teachers of foreign educational institutes aiming for retraining;
  • Members of the Consortium of Russian universities responsible for joint implementation of the project, other Russian higher education organizations, as well as educational partner organizations;
  • Business-structures, ether Russian or international
  • Graduates of Russian or Soviet universities;
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Public Media

Resource center functions


  • organization of the system of additional education in remote and non-remote form;
  • realization of retraining programs for teachers;
  • organization of winter or summer schools;
  • training school graduates for participation in all-Russian and international subject-oriented Olympiads, etc.


  • Research and implementation of Study Methodical Complexes;
  • Creation and implementation of Massive Open Online Courses, online lectures, video courses;
  • Development of retraining programs;
  • Practice exchange;
  • Resource center feedback for correction if necessary, etc.


  • Carrying out exhibition events of Russian universities;
  • Career advice;
  • Consultations for applicants and their parents;
  • Conducting project-oriented schools, including summer schools, etc.


  • Development of network cooperation among the members of the project;
  • Giving consultations for schools, technical colleges, government branches, business structures, etc.;
  • Offering ground for national and international events;
  • Creating information and communication resources, bases, etc.;

In 2019, Consortium of Russian Educational Organizations of Higher Education included 7 Russian universities for realization of the event:

  1. National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"

  2. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

  3. Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

  4. Altai State University

  5. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

  6. National Research University Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  7. National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineering Physics Institute"

  8. In 2020/2021 academical year, the Consortium was joined by:

  9. Belgorod State Technological University named after Vladimir Shukhov

  10. Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

  11. Moscow State Technological University "Stankin"

  12. Southern Federal University​


Foreign countries and grounds for project realization

  • Mongolia: Joint Mongolian-Russian Secondary School in Ulaanbaatar

  • Kyrgyz Republic: "Gazprom-Kyrgyzstan" School

  • Republic of Tajikistan: Russian-Tajik secondary school at RTSU

  • Republic of Turkey: Moscow International School in Antalya

  • Republic of Bulgaria: Secondary School named Yuri Gagarin "Kamchia"

  • Private school "Al-Assiyeh" in Damascus (Syria)

  • Pre-university lyceum "Svetoci" in Moldova

In the framework of this project MPEI and MEPI are developing the Study Methodical Complexes in Physics. Resource center development plan:

  • 2019 - 5 resource centers;
  • 2020 - 8 resource centers;
  • 2021 - 10 resource centers;
  • 2022 - 10 resource centers;
  • 2023 - 5 resource centers;
  • 2024 - 10 resource centers.

Overall until 2024 - 50 resource centers

Expected results of project

  • creating sustainability of social-humanities processes formed around the project in partner countries;
  • ameliorating the information image to ease the foreigners to get Russian higher education
  • forming the target recruitment of the employers (employment of foreign graduates from Russian Universities in Russian and transnational companies abroad);
  • extending the area of use of Russian in business spheres along with education, science, etc. through realization of the talented youth potential in Russian Universities.