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​In October, 1968, Advanced Training Faculty for Teaching Staff was created. This particular date should be considered as the date of current IRAE creation. The history of the Institute begins in 1960, when a group of MPEI students and staff chaired by Yu.N. Kushelev developed the first prototype of "MPEI Examiner" device for automated examination of student performance. In 1966, there was created the university laboratory for new training methods and resources under the guidance of Professor P.D. Lebedev. The tasks of the laboratory were the development and the organization of the effective use of study help by professors of the Institute. In March 2014, IRAE was finally created on the basis of the chief Advanced Training Faculty for Teaching staff and a number of other structures. IRAE provides learning services for students and graduates of universities for principal and additional education programs, including the use of distance learning technology. About 5000 students are trained annually at IRAE under additional education programs and more than 1000 students are trained under principal educational programs.