The Procedure of admission of foreign citizens for getting higher education at MPEI for BCH and MSC degrees

1. Every applicant sends to MPEI in advance the copies of following documents in either Russian or English: 

  • accurately completed (better on computer) application form (without missing the points);
  • original certificate or diploma of previous education (or its legalized translation in English or Russian) stating your qualification with enclosure of the subjects studied and results of the passed exams (i.e. transcript). This certificate or diploma should be valid and equivalent to Russian educational system;
  • medical certificate with no contraindication for the chosen field of training (including results of recent AIDS test);
  • a copy of pages of your passport (which must be valid until at least 1,5 years ahead) with your photo, personal data and validity

2. MPEI considers the documents; in case the given documents don’t meet the established requirements, MPEI informs the applicant without delay and asks the questions via e-mail.

3. Till August 15th MPEI considers all the documents received and makes a decision on acceptance of the introduced candidates, informing all the applicants about it by means of fax or e-mail. MPEI starts drawing up of the Invitation for the applicant and, if necessary, reserves a place in the hostel.

4. After receiving the official invitation from Russian Migration Agency, MPEI informs the applicant about it and sends to him the official invoice for preliminary tuition fee payment for the first semester (a half of annual tuition fee). After receiving money MPEI sends to applicant the origin of invitation by express-mail with the official letter to Russian Consulate for getting the entry visa.  

5. The applicant informs MPEI about terms of his/her arrival in Moscow beforehand, and MPEI provides meeting at the Moscow airport during working hours (9:00-17:00). In case of arrival in Moscow beyond this time or in weekend, applicants pay about 100 US dollars for picking-up service. All the accepted applicants should arrive at MPEI by the beginning of classes (September 1st).

6. Students take places in the hostel in case of arrival in Moscow during working hours (9:00-17:00). In case of arrival beyond this time students take places in the hotel by guest rate (about 40$ per day) till the next working day. 

A candidate must bring in Moscow originals of the above-mentioned documents. Documents of previous education must either be legalized in Embassy of the Russian Federation or have a special stamp called Apostille. They also must have a translation in Russian language certified by Embassy of the Russian Federation. During the first semester a candidate must obtain a certificate of equivalence of documents of previous education in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in Moscow. If the equivalence will not be certified by the Ministry the following studying will be impossible.  

7. MPEI makes a personal contract with every applicant arrived. The applicant presents originals of the documents sent before and 12 photos of 3x4 cm. Within 3 days after arrival in Moscow every student should pay the rest of the tuition fee, accommodation fee and medical and accident insurance as well.