Department of Employment and Practical Training

The core function of the Department of Employment and Practical Training is the maximum assistance to the employment of National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" graduates, temporary employment of students for the holidays, for the period of work experience internships and pre-graduation practical training, as well as improving the competitiveness of National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" graduates in the labor market.

For students - a job vacancies database

For employers - The elaboration of application documents for internship via MPEI online account

The Career Center

The Career Center helps students and graduates to find a job or a secondary work, to gain knowledge on workplace learning and to get comfortable in the modern labor market. In addition to posting job vacancies and internships, we provide the opportunity to meet with representatives of employers at presentations, cases, career forums, job fairs.

Our projects:

  • job fairs "Your Career";
  • presentations of companies such as: OVEN, GE, Philips, Schlumberger, Siemens, ADL, Samsung
  • technological and business cases;
  • master classes, seminars and trainings from specialists of well-known recruiting agencies dedicated to personnel events (resume preparation, behavior during an interview, etc.).
  • career forums and professional development festivals

Phone number +7 495 362-71-94, e-mail:,


The internship of students of educational Institutions of higher professional training is an integral part of the main specialist programme.

Currently, the organization of student internship is regulated by the Federal Law No. 273-FL dated on December 29, 2012 "Concerning Education in the Russian Federation", by the Regulation on the Internship of Students of Higher Vocational Education Institutions, approved by Order No. 1154 of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation dated on March 25, 2003.

As an integral part of the main educational program and as a type of educational work the internship is aimed at consolidating the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by students in the process of learning, acquisition and improving their practical skills in the chosen area of training.​​​​​​​