The education of foreign students on the basis of tuition fee is the most popular way to be admitted to the University, because it is direct and less dependent on the results and obstacles. Tuition contract is signed by the student and MPEI and needs no confirmation from the authorities. The most important thing in this case is the student’s previous education and its results.

Students admitted to MPEI on the contract basis cover the total expenses including the tuition fee, accommodation fee, the medical insurance as well as transport, regular expenses etc. by themselves.

Applicants should present the set of necessary documents including the previous education ones to MPEI via email and confirm the consent with all organizational and financial conditions. If MPEI makes the positive decision about acceptation (on the basis of investigation of documents presented), MPEI requests the official invitation at the Embassy to get the entry visa to the Russian Federation for the applicant and informs him about the arrival conditions through the coordinator from the MPEI part. The advance payment from the applicant’s side is the tuition fee for the first semester, whether it is the Preliminary course fee or the actual educational program fee.

If during the education the students gets poor results or violates contract obligations, for example, the payment terms of the contract or the Russian laws, he/she is expelled from MPEI and should return to homeland in accordance to his visa regime.

If one of the applicant’s parents graduated from MPEI, the tuition fee for the applicant for full education period is reduced by 10% comparing to the actual fee.