Foreign students, which are admitted to be educated in MPEI can apply to the Campus for accommodation in a guarded hostel with the documents’ check system. The hostel offers two-room blocks with furniture, bathroom and toilet in each block. Bachelor and Master students live in two-bed or three-bed rooms and postgraduates or trainees are allowed to live alone in two-bed rooms having covered the total fee. For each student, a wardrobe, a table and a bed are provided, as well as the linen. There are kitchens and a rest-room on each floor of the hostel. All the hostel residents conclude a contract with the Campus Administration where they confirm the obedience to the Rules of hostel routine. However, MPEI does not guarantee the provision of the accommodation to friends or relatives of students.

MPEI Campus provides common services: laundry, shops, sport places, repair offices, post-office, cultural facilities, cafes etc. They are to be used by all students on equal conditions.

​​Dormitory complex​​​​​​​​​​​​