MPEI (TU) was one of the two higher educational institutions of the former USSR, where the first foreign students appeared. In 1946, in a year after the end of the war, Moscow received the first group of foreign students, who were to get higher education in the USSR. The task set before the receiving part was to teach foreign students at the level of Russian language enough for study and everyday life.

At present the MPEI Russian language department works in several directions:

  • Teaching of Russian as a foreign language to foreign students at each level.
  • Participation in different kinds of the Preliminary courses training for Russian and foreign citizens.
  • Organization of commercial Russian language courses for all categories of foreign citizens.

In 1998 the MPEI Russian language department was officially included in the number of departments with the right to hold state testing of foreign citizens in Russian and to give test certificates. Teachers of the department have been specially trained and have received a license for holding state testing of foreign citizens in Russian.

The certificate granted on results of testing doesn’t have a period of validity and irrespectively of the place of issue is valid equally all around Russian Federation both for Russian institutions and organizations abroad.

On 9 July 1998 by the Order No 1887 of the Russian Ministry of Education, obligatory testing of all foreign citizens entering Russian higher educational institutes was brought in.

The requirements for knowing the Russian language for education in MPEI are mentioned here.

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