Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) is one of the first Russian (former Soviet) universities, which began training of the foreign citizens. The first foreigners arrived in MPEI in 1946 (just after II World War).

At present more than 7.500 foreign specialist were successfully trained by MPEI and more that 1.000 had got the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Fourteen persons had got the highest Russian scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences (Dr. Sci.).

The special foreign alumni department (FAD) was established at MPEI in 1989.

The main directions of FAD activity are the registration and supporting the communication with our foreign alumni, the preparation of different document for them (if necessary) including the confirmation of educational documents issued by MPEI. We try to help our foreign alumni in solution of the different problems. We are ready to give them the possibility for the further education and skill improvement. We are organizing the tradition short meetings for our graduates in alma mater. FAD tends to be a communication link between the foreign alumni (foreign and Russian) and the professors who participated and participate in the training process.

See the following sections for detailed information.


  1. Preparation of different inquiries about the former training at MPEI, confirmation of educational documents issued by MPEI.
  2. Preparation and formation of the official inquiries for the foreign and Russian alumni on the payment basis, namely
  • Preparation of the educational document duplicates;
  • Preparation of the inquiries with the volumes of disciplines passed;
  • Preparation of English translation of the Russian educational documents.
  1. Arranging the annual meeting of MPEI foreign alumni.
  2. Registration and support of data base on the foreign graduates (with the aid of the QUESTIONNAIRE1.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE1.pdf and QUESTIONNAIRE2.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE2.pdf).


Each year the number of contacts with foreign alumni with whom we communicate is increased. At present our data base has more than one thousand foreign alumni addresses, whom we usually communicate with.

Beginning with 2000, we arrange the annual meeting at MPEI of a group of our foreign alumni. From this year more than 300 foreign alumni were able to visit MPEI for a short period both on the basis of our official invitation and being independently in Moscow during their official visit to some Russian organizations.

The first information about the annual meeting are distributed usually each December together with the New Year Greetings by the usual mail, via electronic mail and place it on MPEI site (

The typical program of this alumni meeting includes the conversation of MPEI Rector and Vice-Rectors, visits to different departments, meeting with their professors and former students. We are trying to organize some cultural program. There is MPEI Museum where the alumni may recall the main MPEI history. Annual alumni meeting is arranged usually during the celebration of the total Day of MPEI Alumni at the end of May. More than 1.500 Russian alumni at this celebration and among them there are the Russian alumni, professors and MPEI veterans.

MPEI covers all expenses linked with official invitations to Russia, the visa support, pick-up service when arrive and depart. Foreign alumni should cover the international travel expenses to Moscow and back, and to cover the expenses on accommodation and meals.

We hope that these meetings will allow the recovering the interrupted communications and finding the new ways of co-operation.

If you wish to participate at the annual alumni meeting, we ask you to fill in all points in the registration form (QUESTIONNAIRE1.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE1.pdf and QUESTIONNAIRE2.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE2.pdf) and send it to FAD ( We ask you as well to send the copy of you passport pages with passport number, full name, clear photo, year of birth, passport validness period.

Foreign alumni offer ask us to help them to come to Moscow with their families, to show Russia to their children, to remind their young years. The special dynasties were formewd in MPEI: our alumni from Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Nepal, Syria, Vietnam, China, Mongolia etc. with were graduated from MPEI, direct to MPEI their children.

We at FAD consider important to know how the professional and private destiny oà our alumni is formed. We shall be appreciated if you will take theQUESTIONNAIRE1.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE1.pdf and QUESTIONNAIRE2.pdfQUESTIONNAIRE2.pdf, fill in it and send it to us for the registration.