The annual meetings with foreign alumni resulted to some suggestions about the co-operation with which the foreign alumni offered to MPEI leaders. Thus, the representative of ESI Group Company Czech graduate from MPEI Josef Mayer presented the software packet developed by his Company at the session of the Academic Council of MPEI Institute of Automatics and Computer Engineering and presented this software as a donation to MPEI. The negotiations with the representative of the E.ON Russia Power Company from Germany Hans-Gert Elster about the training of experts in MPEI for his company.

The suggestions on co-operation from our alumni Roja Ishtvan (Hungary) who deals with university accreditation, and from Zhivka Ovcharova (Germany), the Professor of Karlsrue about the joint students training were received.

Our foreign alumni help us in the recruiting the new students to MPEI.

Often we have got the requests from Russian alumni to find the foreign alumni for participation of the jubilee meetings and the find the addresses of the foreign alumni, We are trying to help them and give them the information from our data base.

FAD helps in arranging the celebration activity devoted to the jubilees of the departments and faculties. We are trying to find the foreign alumni of the jubilee departments and inform them about the celebration and if necessary help them to receive the official invitation in Russia. With our help, some alumni participated in jubilees of Electric Power Engineering Faculty, the Electrical Systems and Nets Department, Electrical Transport Department, Nuclear Power Plants Department.

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