The life of foreign students in MPEI relates not only to the education and absorbing the modern knowledge and experience. It also relates to formation of the vital position of a future engineer who works in the team of like-minded persons, as a leader of some group, absorbing of the skill of the specialist working in a team as well as formation the intention to get constantly the new knowledge without which the modern expert cannot build his future life. The modern engineer should be closely developed and physically healthy. The basis for this is the sport in the student life and in the future as well as the perception the culture of different peoples. The various sporting measures for the foreign students and their participation in different culture actions are the serious part of the students’ life. In Moscow we have a great number of museums and theaters, concert halls, which are used by famous creative groups of the world.

MPEI performs for the foreign students the various excursions on the Red Square, on the Moscow center, in Kremlin museums, the museum of archaeology, Trastiakov’s picture gallery, the Museum of the fine art named after A.S. Pushkin, the museum of paleontology and to many others interesting places. The great interest is caused among the foreign students the excursion to the Federation Council (Russian State Senate). Which is the highest body of Russian State Authorities.

Only in 2009 the following visits to classical and modern operas and ballets were organized, for instants, "Nabukko", "Evgeniy Onegin". "O, Mozart, Mozart", "The Snow-Girl", "The Swallow Lake", "Spartacus" etc. Foreign students enjoyed the concerts of famous Russian collectives such as State Ensemble of Dancing "Beriozka", State Ensemble "Cossacks of Russia"; State Omsk People Chorus as well as the shows of famous foreign collectives, for example, Song and Dance Ensemble of Moldova, the show "Legends of Georgia" etc.

Foreign students have the opportunity to show their talents as well. Each year the Festival of foreign students is hold at MPEI, which includes the wide circle of actions. So, this year this Inter-Festival included the sport competition of the foreign students, The competition on Russian language, the competition in singing, the exhibition of the national things and the national clothes. The Inter-Festival is finished by the great concert of the foreign students.

During sport competition the students play football, basket-ball, badminton, table-tennis, chess, press and tightening.

The singing competition held this year for the first time. At this competition the students sing the song on three languages: national (in Arabian, Vietnamese, Ibu, Chinese, Portuguese, Mongolian, Hindi, Urubu etc.), English and Russian.

At University exhibition the foreign students present the culture of the native lands, and at this the national Embassies in Moscow help them to select the exhibits. We can see here the various exhibits: statuettes; adornments; masks; fine art things; souvenirs; various goods from metals, leather, wood; national clothes decorated by the embroidery; journals; books; CDs. We can hear the national music on national and conventional instruments. Many students are dressed in the national clothes. This exhibition is very popular among the Russian students, professor and MPEI employees as well as the foreign and Russian students from other Moscow universities and among many guests.

The final action of the International Festival holds in the MPEI House of Culture. At first the excellent students have got the presents for the good results in education and in the university social life, as well as the rewarding of the sport competition winners and winners of the competition in Russian language. After that, the excellent many-hours concert holds in which MPEI foreign students participate, their friends and countrymen from other universities as well as Russian students and creative collectives. This is very impressive spectacle demonstrating how various the different country cultures can be. Such actions help the foreign student better understand each other.

The life of foreign students is controlled, checked and directed not only by the Dean office and other structure of MPEI. The MPEI foreign students have their own body of self-control: International Students’ Council (Inter-Council). This is an elective body in which the most active students from different countries are presented. The Regulations about Inter-Council are presented below.

Inter-Council urge to put the various problems behind the Administration related to different aspects of the students’ life and to help the university in their solution. Last several years the Inter-Council was headed by the students from Jordan, Yemen, Mongolia. Now the Inter-Council is headed by Nigerian student. All fellowship of MPEI foreign students are presented in the Inter-Council (see table below). 

Fellowship in the Inter-Council

Fellowship Which countries are included in the joint fellowship?
1 Iran
2 China
3 Mongolia
4 Myanmar
5 Nigeria
6 Vietnam
7 Arabian countries Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Sudan
8 Africa (English-speaking countries) Ghana, Zambia, Kenya
9 Africa (French-speaking countries) Burundi, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Mozambique
10 South Asia? Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel, India, Republic of Korea, Nepal, Sri-Lanka
11 Europe+America Venezuela, Guatemala, Germany, Spain, Canada, Columbia, Cyprus, Peru, Serbia, Finland, Ecuador, Jamaica
12 Countries of former USSR Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghisia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia


International Students Council (hereinafter, InterCouncil) is the elective body of MPEI foreign students acting on the basis of self-control in close relations with MPEI Division on International Relations. All fellowshipes created in MPEI are presented in InterCouncil. The fellowship unifies the representative of the specific country or several countries closed mentally and by the cultural traditions.

1. The main tasks of InterCouncil are: 

  • Expression and protection of educational and social rights and interests of foreign students, trained at MPEI on the basis both the state and contract lines;
  • Coordination of fellowship activities;
  • Consolidation of inter-nations and cultural links of foreign students;
  • Improvement of conditions of education, accommodation, rest and medical care of foreign students;
  • Management of cultural events for MPEI foreign students including the oriented meetings with MPEI professors and representative of Embassies and other organizations;
  • Permanent link and cooperation with the Dean office, the Department of Ph.D.-students and trainees, the administration of the MPEI student campus.

2. Types of activity of InterCouncil includes:

  • Development and presentation to the Dean office, the Department of Ph.D.-students and trainees and to the administration of the MPEI student campus the proposals which are directed to the solution of social, economical and juridical problems of foreign students;
  • Direct participation in settlement of disputes and disagreements concerning the living conditions in the student hostel;
  • Management of fellowship activity;
  • Help to MPEI Division on International Relations and administration of student campus in performing the measures to ensure the security of foreign students;
  • Interconnection and cooperation with students’ trade union and another MPEI social organizations as well as with external social organizations of foreign students.

3. InterCouncil rights

InterCoucil of foreign students has the following rights:

  • To bring up behind the Dean office, Department of foreign Ph.D.-students and trainees the problems about the violation their direct duties by the staff of the student campus as well as the individual teachers;
  • To bring up behind the Dean office, Department of foreign Ph.D.-students and trainees the problems of the administrative penalty of the Hostel Regulations disturbers;
  • To demand the upholding the Hostel Regulations and behavior procedures from the students living at the Hostel;
  • To participate in the sessions of disciplinary commission and in making the decision about the penalties.

4. InterCouncil obligations

InterCouncil is obliged to:

  • Help the warden of the hostel in activity to establish the cleanness and order;
  • Arrange to operation and functioning of rest rooms;
  • Provide the adequate help in ensuring the social order;
  • Provide the cultural actions for foreign students and help them in organization of their leisure;
  • Together with the Dean office and administration of student campus to conduct the actions related to security of foreign students;
  • Inform the Dean office, the Department of foreign Ph.D.-students and the administration of students campus about the unlawful action cases concerning the foreign students both on the territory of students campus and out of it.

5. Principles and the order of formation and operation of InterCouncil

All fellowship should be presented inside the InterCouncil as well as the MPEI Ph.D.-students and trainees on the basis of the following quotas:

  • less than 10 persons – 1 representative;
  • from 10 to 25 persons – 2 representatives;
  • more than 25 persons – 3 representatives.
  • InterCouncil members representing the specific fellowship are elected on the common fellowship meeting at which not less than 50% of all number of fellowship students present. The election results are registered by the protocol, which should be present to InterCouncil;
  • The InterCouncil may introduce inside its structure (on the basis of the specific decision) the additijnal members who are very active and carry authority;
  • The InterCouncil Head and Deputy Head are elected by the InterCouncil members by means of the simple majority;
  • The InterCouncil forms the annual working plan and nominates the responsible persons for each direction;
  • InterCouncil election is performed once per year;
  • InterCouncil meeting are hold not rarely than once per month an if necessary in the period of test and exam sessions;
  • information about each InterCouncil meeting should be registered in the protocol;
  • information about the most important solutions introduced at the InterCouncil meetings should be brought to the notice of all students not later than after four days (the notice is put up in all hostels and on the desk near the Dean office).

6. The order of InterCouncil activity termination

The activity of InterCouncil can be terminated when more than 51% of MPEI foreign students will demand this. The decision about InterCouncil activity termination can be made only at the common meeting of the foreign students and it is registered by the protocol.

7. The order of InterCouncil structure change

New members of InterCouncil instead of the left members due to graduation or the other reason are introduced on the basis of the fellowship request in which the left member had worked.