IITCS performs scientific and research work in the following fields:IACE4.jpg

  • Development of mathematical models and algorithms for managing complex objects;
  • Development of automation tools for non-linear systems and processes;
  • Implementation of real-time technologies based on neural networks;
  • Computer-aided design of discrete systems;
  • Logical design and synthesis of options;
  • Measuring tools based on digital signal processing;
  • Measuring tools for input-output information based on microprocessors;
  • Development of digital systems for monitoring the quality and quantity of electrical energy;
  • Real-time systems for one-dimensional and multidimensional signals;
  • Languages and systems for parallel programming;
  • Mathematical and software intelligent systems;
  • Study of modern principles of parallel data processing;
  • Network computer technology, presentation of computer systems;
  • Information security, modern cryptography;
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of thermal and electromagnetic phenomena;
  • Mathematical reconstruction of defect parameters and assessment of the electrophysical properties of products based on experimental data;
  • Effective algorithms for analyzing signals and images in order to solve the problems of pattern recognition and object identification;
  • Software development for intelligent diagnostic systems.
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