International scientific and practical summer school "Young engineer-researcher 2020" (ISSE) will be held officially at National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" at Institute of Electrical Power Engineering.

International scientific and practical summer school "Young engineer-researcher 2020" is a short-term, intensive, scientific and educational, research program in the form of seminars and trainings for students who got bachelor's degree in the direction of Electric power and electrical engineering at one of the foreign partner universities of MPEI. The Summer School is organized to provide foreign students with practical knowledge in the specialty, formation of skills of professional communication, professional development and expand their professional horizons.


 July 20- July 31, 2020

The objectives of ISSE:

  • improvement of the quality of training of students, stimulating and supporting talented youth for further development in the interests of the electrical power industry;
  • creation of a permanent communication platform for cooperation of professional interaction of foreign students from different countries with scientists and experts from leading organizations and research centers of Russia;
  • selection and provision of the possibility of admission of foreign students to the Master degree program at MPEI.


Be in possession of valid foreign ordinary passport;
Be above 18 years old, under 25 years old;
Be in good health.

Application Deadline:

June 1, 2020

Participation in ISSE will give students:

  • general idea of the current level of development of the electric power industry, the main scientific problems and actual practical problems of the industry;
  • possibility of enrollment for a Master course at National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" upon successful passing of the entrance exams;
  • knowledge of modern equipment and technologies used in the power industry at the present time;
  • experience in communicating with people close in spirit and type of activity, professionals, experts and young colleagues;
  • expansion of personal professional and business ties and the opportunity to participate in joint projects;
  • acquisition of skills of speeches, discussions, debates;
  • probability of new ideas, projects and their further implementation.

ISSE program consists of educational and developmental parts. The educational part includes:

  • lectures of specialists and experts;
  • trainings;
  • imitation game;
  • round table discussions;
  • brainstorming;
  • mini-projects;
  • debates between teams;
  • performance of individual tasks.

The developing part includes:

  • excursions;
  • film screening.

The participation fee includes: accommodation, meals and training.


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