Name of the program: Hydropower

Code, name of the study field

13.03.02 Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering


Institute of Remote and Additional Education


Department of Hydropower Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

4 years 11 months


The goal of the program is to offer the undergraduates comprehensive training in the field of 13.03.02 "Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering", methodical support of educational process of the students and the formation of their general cultural, general professional and professional competences. The preparation of bachelors is carried out within the complex knowledge and skills determinant in the successful professional work in the field of electricity, including hydropower, given the current state and tendencies of development of technologies in the innovation-based economy. The educational program provides high-quality training of qualified, competitive specialists in the field of operation, maintenance and repair of production facilities, transmission, distribution, conversion, application and management of electric energy flows; electrification and automation of technological processes, machines and equipment based on a combination of advanced innovative technologies.



Level Study