Name of the program: Radiotechnical means of transmission, receiving and processing of radio signals

Code, name of the study field

11.03.01 Radio Engineering


Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics


Dept. of Fundamentals of Radio Engineering​, Dept. of Radio Devices and Antenna Systems​, Dept. of Radio Systems, Dept. of Formation and Processing of Radio Signals

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

4 years


Preparation of future highly-qualified specialists who will take part in scientific and research work and projects focused on creation and technical support of devices and systems based on electromagnetic modes and waves. The main task of these devices and systems are meant is the information receive, transmission and processing as well as obtainment of the information on environmental situation, natural and technical objects. They also can affect natural and technical objects to change their properties. Wide range of the disciplines allows our alumni to work in various scientific and technical fields such as TV and radio broadcast organizations, satellite and mobile communications, IT, spaceborne instrumentation, radiolocation and satellite navigation. Moreover our alumni are able to create and provide technical support to sophisticated radio technical equipment and radio systems.



Level Study