Name of the program: Research and design of automated hydraulic and pneumatic systems, machines and units

Code, name of the study field

13.04.03 Power Engineering Machinery


Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy


Hydromechanics and hydraulic machines named after Kvyatkovsky V.S.

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

2 years


The field of professional activity of graduates who completed this Master's program includes: design, construction, research, installation and operation of energy machines, assemblies, plants and their control systems aimed at creating competitive equipment based on various forms of energy conversion. Objects of professional activity of graduates are: machines, plants, engines and apparatus for the production, conversion and consumption of various forms of energy, including: hydraulic turbines and reversible hydraulic machines; pumps; hydrodynamic transmission; hydropneumatic units; hydraulic and pneumatic drives; combined hydropneumatic control systems for energy facilities; automation equipment of power plants and complexes; power plants based on alternative and renewable types of energy; automation equipment;; fans, blowers and compressors of power plants and complexes; executive devices, systems and control devices for the operation of energy machines, apparatuses and complexes with various forms of energy conversion; auxiliary equipment that ensures the functioning of energy facilities.



Level Study