Name of the program: Devices and methods for quality testing and diagnostic

Code, name of the study field

12.03.01 Instrumentation


Information technologies and computer science


Information technologies for diagnostics

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

4 years


The purpose of the program is to form a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that determine the competence to work professionally in the field of creating and operating devices and systems for non-destructive testing and diagnostics based on the use of various physical phenomena (electromagnetic, eddy current, ultrasonic, radiographic, acoustic emission, thermal, and other). The purpose of the program is to apply this competence to the design of diagnostic devices and systems, as well as to the development of software for these systems. Modern design technologies, including numerical modeling of physical phenomena that lie under the testing methods, digital signal and image processing, and neural networks are at heart of the Bachelor's educational program.


Russian, English

Level Study