Name of the program: Graphic design

Code, name of the study field

54.03.01 Design


Institute of Humanites and Applied Science


Department of Design

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

5 years


The purpose of the program in to provide training in the field of 54.03.01 “Design”, training profile “Interior design”; it is also to provide methodological support for the implementation of the FSES in this area of training and on this basis, the development of students' individual personal qualities and the formation of general cultural, general professional and professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of the FSES. Mission of the program in the field of 54.03.01 “Design” is in conceptual study and simulation of the conditions of training with highly competitive professionals, which are based on fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills in art, design, information and technological activities in the field of of design products’ creation, objects design as well as information environment. Students learn to carry out organizational and managerial activities in the field of design; conduct research work in their professional field; develop and promote the best achievements of domestic and foreign design in their professional activities.



Level Study