Name of the program: Engineering and Electrical Physics of High Voltages

Code, name of the study field

13.04.02 Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering


Institute of Electrical Power Engineering


Dept. of High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Physics

Form of training (full-time, part-time, extramural)


Rated training duration

2 years


The goal of the program is preparation of future highly-qualified specialists for Russian Federation and other countries who will take part in scientific and research work, scientific and technical activities and technological work and projects connected with application of the electrical high voltages providing a solution of a wide circle of the innovation research, scientific, technical, and technological tasks in scientific and research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in scientific and research, project and operation organizations and companies of electric power engineering and electrical engineering industries, as well as companies and institutions of the industries related to application of high voltages. Objects of professional activity of the program’s graduates could be: fundamental and applied scientific investigations in the field of electrophysics and high voltage technique, electrical power engineering, electrical engineering, testing, electrophysical installation of high voltages, atmospheric electricity, lightning protection and overvoltages protection, means of electromagnetic compatibility provision, electrical insulation of the electrical power engineering or electrical engineering apparatus and means of its diagnostics, high voltage electrotechnologies.



Level Study